Family-Owned & Operated Business

Suncoast Concrete Drilling & Sawing is a family-owned and operated Australian business. It was bought and taken over by the Devitt family in 2016.
 However, the company has had a strong foothold in South East Queensland since 2000.

Jason Devitt - Operations Manager

Jason started Suncoast Concrete drilling and Sawing (SCDS) with one ute and a vision, with a multitude of experience in all aspects of concrete cutting it was his goal to continue in the industry that he is passionate about and to be able to provide an environment for all to succeed in.

Staying true to the companies initial core values of integrity, honesty and reliability within 4 months SCDS grew, adding another experienced operator to the team who is still with the company today.

Suncoast Concrete Drilling and Sawing as continued to grow under Jason’s lead and continues to do so with his hands on approach, continued involvement, innovated ideas, that his team has now grown to 12 operators, an admin team and a mechanic.

Jason takes pride and ensures that each and every member that he adds to his ever evolving team is provided with the guidance, training and support that is as individualised as each member themselves.

Why Choose Us

Why choose us

We cover all facets of concrete cutting including scanning, locating, non destructive digging (NDD) and earth moving, paired with our highly trained and specialised team that carry state of the art technology including zero emission high frequency equipment, and low emission floor saws for indoor and outdoor cutting. We also have our very own in house mechanic, so you can be assured that not only is our equipment compliant, well maintained but also that we are able to minimize to almost eliminate any down time due to equipment failure so that makes us truly your one stop shop.

Our on and off site team members approach each and every single project with professionalism, accuracy, cleanliness and are punctual and reliable.



Customer Focused


Continuous Improvement & Advancements

Not only do we consistently provide formal, informal and hands on experience and training to all of our operators but believe that all projects (big or small) are proportionately imperative to the success and improvement of our company.

Not only are our operators equipped with state of the art technology, we consistently evolve and improve with technological advancements.

Each operator is equipped with on-board water tanks and pumps, generators, pressure washers, wet vacs, dry vacs (compliant with silica legislation) and can complete projects in cities and remote areas.

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